Title An Analysis of the Interior Landscape of Subway Station for the Improvement of Index of Greenness in Subway Station Space
Authors 김원지(Kim, Won-Ji) ; 이태경(Lee, Tae-Kyung)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.1.35
Page pp.35-46
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Interior Landscape; Index of Greenness; Subway Stations
Abstract This study aims to find improvement points by investigating and analyzing the characteristic of interior landscape installation inside Busan subway stations space, and use the result as basic data for constituents of interior landscape model for improving index of greenness of subway stations space. For the aforementioned, this study made a visit to 20 targeted subway stations and took photos of the present conditions of landscape inside interior space, measuring interior landscape installation area using a tape measure, and investigated growing environment by using thermometer·hygrometer and illuminometer. For collected data, this study analyzed index of greenness and interior landscape using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and SPSS Statistics 25 which is a statistical analysis program. The results are as follows. First, for improvement of the index of greenness of subway stations space, it is necessary to design light conditions of interior space as 500lx or above, and for plants, it is also necessary to consider species that can be grown at 5℃ or below. Second, it would be desirable to create interior landscape using the method of relaxation style or complex style for enabling visitors to use pleasantly and conveniently. Third, it is necessary to make interior be harmonized with plants using ornament and facility made of natural materials. Fourth, more active landscaping methods such as tree planting type and hanging type can be introduced considering scale and shape of space where landscaping is available inside subway stations. This study made comprehensive investigation and analysis on the characteristic of interior landscape according to the types after classifying subway stations space as 4 types depending on the physical characteristics of environment (shape, area and the degree of congestion of subway stations), which is considered significant in the way that it has set the direction for improvement of interior landscape environment for qualitative improvement of the index of greenness, and is expected to be used as basic data for planning and improvement of interior landscape inside subway stations space.