Title A Study on the Naijadong Samguk(Mikuni) apartment by Samguk(Mikuni) co. in 1930'
Authors 유순선(Yoo, Soon Seon)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.1.117
Page pp.117-124
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Samguk Co.; Samguk Coal Industrial Co.; Ltd.; Naijadong Samguk Apt.; Mikuni Apt.(ミクユアパ―ト)
Abstract There are about 60 apartment in the Japanese colonial period. Naijadong Samguk Apt. was built in from 1935(Main(4F) & Annexed bldg.(3F)) to 1936(New bldg.(4F)) by Samguk Co. as one of the most oldest apt. in Korea. But Naijadong Samguk Apt. has not been clearly understood until now. The aim of this study is to understand the characteristics of Naijadong Samguk Apt. with analysis of historic materials. This study deals with the changes of Sajik-ro as well as Naijadong Samguk Apt. in the whole 20th century. The results of this study are follows; Firstly, Naijadong Samguk Apt. consist of three buildings can be referred to as one of the Korean style apt. with today’s perspective. Secondly, Naijadong Samguk Apt. influenced Kyungseong City Street Plan(Naijadong-Sajikdan street) in 1936 as a modern-style apt. of a largest scale reinforced concrete structure apt.. Thirdly, Naijadong Samguk Apt. faithfully follows “Apt. Rules” made by Japanese government in 1933 for fire prevention and evacuation from fire. Finally, Naijadong Samguk Apt. built as a residence of the Japanese upper class was called Naija Apt. and Naija Hotel after the liberation, and continued to be used as residence of ECA, Military Correspondent and UNKRA, USOM and AFRC until it was demolished in 1990. Naijadong Samguk Apt. has value as an largest scale modern-style apt. that had a historical place-ness.