Title A Study on Stimulation of Ceiling Height and Duration of Stay using VR & EEG
Authors 염상훈(Youm, Sang Hoon) ; 이전윤(Lee, Jun Yoon) ; 최유림(Choi, Yoo Rim)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.2.35
Page pp.35-42
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Architectural Space; Duration of Stay; Ceiling Height; Virtual Environment; Electroencephalogram
Abstract This study examines the brainwave changes with the increase of ceiling height using VR and EEG devices. Specifically, It takes into consideration the duration of time the user spends in a space. The study attempts to determine as a preliminary study whether the architectural element of the ceiling height as a spatial stimulus can show a significant difference of EEG data in the physiological responses of occupants. In order to quantitatively measure the occupant's responses with the increase in ceiling height, a VR space was built, and EEG data were acquired while increasing the ceiling height. Also, to examine the characteristics of brainwave changes concerning the amount of time spent in space, cumulative segments of EEG data were analyzed in 1-second intervals throughout the overall exposure time. Results indicate that when the ceiling height increased from 3m to 9m, there is a relative decrease in the low-frequency brainwaves and an increase in the high-frequency brainwaves. Specifically, this study found a significant change in brainwave activity for the first 5?10 seconds of exposure to ceiling height stimuli. This study demonstrates that VR and EEG can quantifiably identify the temporal effect's physiological response according to the increase in the ceiling's height, thus expanding the possibility of quantitative research of architectural qualities that can be used to assist the architect's design and experience.