Title Comparative Study on Monitoring Evaluation of Alley Regeneration Project
Authors 송복섭(Shong, Bokshub)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.4.75
Page pp.75-82
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Alley Regeneration; Monitoring Evaluation; Residents' Participation; Governance; Urban Regeneration
Abstract The purpose of this study was to analyze the alley regeneration projects implemented in Daejeon Metropolitan City and to derive a direction for developing alley regeneration by conducting specific monitoring and evaluation based on a questionnaire on two projects that had different implementation methods. The ‘Junggyo-ro cultural flow Street’ was conducted as a government-led project in the process of establishing a project promotion plan. The collection of opinions from residents was very poor. There was insufficient education on local resident's capacity building. The reason why satisfaction with physical environment improvement and socio-cultural effect was not high as a result of project promotion was interpreted as a result of insufficient collection of opinions from residents. ‘Cheongja-Taeyang village fence improvement’ project continuously reflects resident's needs in the plan through resident briefings and opinions gathering process during the establishment of the project promotion plan and in the process. In addition, it was found that the satisfaction of local residents was very high as the project implementation resulted in a differentiated image of the village to provide tourist attractions and the village environment was clean. Through monitoring and evaluation studies, it was confirmed that the alley regeneration project to be promoted in the future needs to be promoted by resident's proposals and residents-led small-scale resident participation rather than large-scale projects of administration led. In addition, it was found that a program to strengthen resident's competency in advance should be provided, and a public-private network system and expert and budget support should be accompanied for continuous maintenance even after completion of the project.