Title Differences on Decision Making Process According to the Role in Corporation Client’s Organization in Building Projects
Authors 유찬숙(Yu, Chan-Suk) ; 김주형(Kim, Ju-Hyung)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.5.41
Page pp.41-52
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Building Industry Client; Building Industry Client’s role; Decision Making; Action Research
Abstract One of the criteria to classify the building industry clients is whether they are private or institutional ones. The building industry client is supposed to select project participants based on the experience obtained from ordering similar projects, and manage them for the success. In the case of occasional institutional clients, project sponsors or client representatives are likely to conduct their role according to the general procurement knowledge and experience on maintaining their own facility. The client should make the decision properly, and validate needs whether those are identified correctly towards satisfaction on output that will be delivered. To this end, building industry needs to provide service while recognizing the reasons and procedures for decision-making. The authors classify those as internal and external factors through theoretical review and develop a framework to explore real world situation. According to Action Research, the building industry clients repeatedly plan and execute to address the issues required in the decision. When filling out requests for proposal in the early stages, the building industry clients(the chief executive officers) sometimes delegated their authorities to the project sponsors as one of the ways to minimize the risk. That's why the building industry clients (the chief executive officers) are primarily involved in decisions influenced by the institutions' strategic objectives, using the organization to reduce the distortion of judgment by heuristics under uncertainty. We apply and confirm the decision-making mechanism, and intend to suggest the method for decision-making in the construction projects.