Title A Study on the Change in the Way of Meeting between the Living and the Dead through the Cemetery
Authors 기세호(Kee, Se-Ho) ; 백진(Baek, Jin)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.6.11
Page pp.11-22
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords cemetery; ossuary; woodland burial
Abstract This study attempted to clarify the problem of the cemetery in our urban situation, and to find a clue of solution through analysis of new types of cemeteries. The cemetery has always been considered one of the most important architectural facilities. The cemetery was a place to visit the dead and share the memory of the community by commemoration, and a place to reflect on existential meaning. However, with the progress of modernization, the cemetery has undergone radical changes. As new means of transportation appeared, cities expanded, myths and religions lost their power, and the cemetery began to be neglected. The isolated cemetery became a place only for the dead. However, several new types of facilities have recently emerged, opening up a way to rethink the essence of the cemetery. Each of the three analyses showed a new strategy. In the first case, visiting the cemetery was interpreted as an experience similar to visiting the house of the dead, and tried to consistently create a homelike atmosphere on the overall layout of the interior. The second case reinterpreted the cemetery as a center of leisure activities in the suburbs by combining it with a hotel. The third case combines the woodland burial near a campsite, making it a place where people who get away from the city can rest and look back on themselves in nature. Analysis of these cases has found that cemeteries can play an essential role when actively engaging with the living.