Title The Direction of Pre-planned Research on the School Space Innovation Project Following the Introduction of the High School Credit System
Authors 유해연(Yoo, Hae-Yeon) ; 박성철(Park, Sung-Chul) ; 임종헌(Lim, Jong-Heon) ; 한다빈(Han, Da-Bin) ; 정지원(Jeong, Ji-Won)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.8.53
Page pp.53-64
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Space innovation project; educational space; participatory design; High School Credit System; Gangwon Provincial Office
Abstract This study aims to analyze the direction of the Ministry of Education's high school credit system implementation project and the plan of the Gangwon Provincial Office of Education's school space innovation project and propose the direction of future pre-planned research. To this end, we analyzed the pre-planning research case of the housing space innovation project for the renovation of the main building of Pyeongchang High School, and revealed the differentiation and implications from the existing pre-planning research. Prior to the study, literature research and policy analysis such as related business reports were preceded, and participatory workshops and expert advice for process and program development were conducted. First of all, this study looked at the need for changes in school space due to the introduction of the high school credit system and related policies. Second, this study was examined the current status and limitations of pre-planning research, and thirdly, we proposed the improvement direction of pre-planning research through program and process development, expert advice, and user-participated design workshops centered on Pyeongchang High School. This study suggests that the process was divided into more detailed stages, including curriculum analysis at the level of the education office and the level of the school, until the space program (proposal) consistent with Pyeongchang High School was derived.