Title Analysis of Community Care Needs Characteristics of the Elderly living in Public Rental Housing
Authors 김모두(Kim, Mo Du) ; 이효원(Lee, Hyo Won)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.9.31
Page pp.31-72
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Community Care for the Elderly; Public Rental Housing; Community Care Needs Characteristics
Abstract The purpose of this study is to explore the direction of creating a residential environment for Community Care considering the characteristics of various aspects of the elderly. For this end, analyzed a Community Care Needs of the elderly living in public rental housing. Considerations and issues for creating a residential environment for community care for senior citizens as a result are as follows : 1) The situation in which the elderly are faced should be subdivided and an appropriate and detailed care environment for each type should be established. 2) It is necessary to establish a Community Care system that reflects the economic characteristics of the elderly. 3) It is necessary to prepare a plan to improve accessibility by analyzing and considering the position of service users from various angles. 4) It is necessary to diversify the types of Community Care services and to establish a comprehensive support environment for them. 5) It is necessary to establish an appropriate living area of the Community Care system by reflecting the population density of the elderly, the behavior and physical characteristics of the elderly, etc. 6) It is necessary to consider public spaces and outdoor spaces where physical activities can be performed for the health of the elderly. 7) Physical and social environmental factors that affect the elderly's housing satisfaction should be considered at the same time.