Title A Study on Spatial Structural Characteristics of Gentrification Sites in Seoul Urban Regeneration Revitalization Areas
Authors 박근송(Piao, Gen Song) ; 이태규(Lee, Taegyu) ; 김정우(Kim, Jung Woo) ; 박지은(Park, Jee Eun)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.9.71
Page pp.71-149
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Seoul Urban Regeneration Revitalization Area; Gentrification; Urban Spatial Structure; Space Syntax
Abstract This study aims to reveal the spatial structural characteristics of the urban regeneration revitalization area where gentrification occurred through comparative analysis of urban spatial structure between the areas where gentrification occurred and areas where gentrification did not occur among the urban regeneration revitalization areas in Seoul. In this study, it was revealed that the urban regeneration area including the gentrification site has exceptional spatial structure through the analysis result of the urban spatial structure. In addition, it was possible to understand the reason why Seoul strategically selected urban regeneration revitalization areas including gentrification sites. Taken together, it is recognized that it is a combination of two regions with different spatial structures with different clarity due to the characteristics of the area overlapping the gentrification area among the existing urban regeneration revitalization areas, suggesting the necessity of selecting a target site considering this. As such, gentrification in urban regeneration projects has both positive and negative effects as a byproduct that can be naturally accompanied. Therefore, an active response is required to identify its characteristics in advance, and to utilize and control them.