Title A Study on the Performance-based Apartment Planning Methodology Using Parametric Design Techniques and Genetic Algorithm
Authors 정요한(Jeong, Yo-Han) ; 권영상(Kwon, Young-Sang)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.12.23
Page pp.23-32
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Parametric Design; Genetic Algorithm; Apartment Housing; Site Planning; Sunlight Optimization; Rhino Grasshopper
Abstract Most of the housing types in Korean cities are composed of apartment houses, and the proportion is increasing more and more. And the living environment tends to get worse due to high-density development. In particular, the sunlight environment of inside and outside the residential complex is becoming poor by high-density development. Since the sunlight environment is a factor directly connected to human health, this situation is recognized as a social problem. In order to solve this problem, in this study, a new planning process was established by applying the parametric design methodology to high-rise apartment plans. This study first examined the concept and principle of parametric design through literature review, and confirmed the possibility of application to Korean apartment site plans. In order to optimize the sunlight environment in the complex, a process that allows real-time analysis of the sunlight environment by modifying the alternative plans at the initial stage of planning was proposed. In addition, a process was established to minimize the external impact of the new development and its effectiveness was verified. As a result, it was possible to optimize the sunshine environment in the complex through the real-time planning evaluation process. In addition, by using the new planning guide derived through the parametric design process, it was possible to achieve optimization of the plan that maximizes the floor area ratio of the project while minimizing the impact of sunlight on the adjacent area caused by the new development.