Title Development of Disaster Safety-related Specialized Planning Elements for Apartment Complex Reflecting Residents’ Opinions
Authors 김경희(Kim, Kyeong-Hui) ; 김미경(Kim, Mi-Kyung)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.12.33
Page pp.33-44
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Disaster; Apartments; Specialized Planning Elements
Abstract Amid the growing number of disasters in South Korea, various disaster safety-related apartment specialization plans are being pushed forward as the risk of disaster damage in apartments increases. The purpose of this study was to develop specialized apartment planning elements related to disaster safety that reflect residents' opinions through the online survey conducted on 322 housewives living in apartments in the Seoul metropolitan area. We derived the elements of a disaster-safety-related apartment plan in terms of space and system elements, and identified the overall importance of residents, additional requirements, and the importance of each family life cycle. The results are as follows; firstly, external vacant lots for emergency evacuation are presented as common elements in terms of planning the complex and community facilities, Therefore, in addition to the existing unit household balcony evacuation space, additional evacuation space plans are required. Secondly, safety sign which have increased cognition and solar power generation system were presented as common factors when planning residential building, Accordingly, it is necessary to develop a disaster safety design from a universal design perspective and it is necessary to develop various planning elements for maintaining living after disasters. Finally, the safety glass, an entrance door that can minimize the distortion of the door frame, and outdoor escape stairs that can be evacuated through a balcony were suggested as common elements of residential unit planning. Therefore, it is necessary to apply specialized planning elements that can secure the safety of unit household evacuation route. Since this study has a limitation in that the scope of the investigation is limited to housewives in the metropolitan area, further research is needed by expanding the scope of the research target and area.