Title A Study on the Space Organization of Mental Illness Healing Facility
Authors 김주영(Kim, Ju-Yoong) ; 안대환(An, Dai-Whan)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.12.63
Page pp.63-73
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords mental illness; healing environment; healing facility; healing space composition
Abstract As the range and types of mental illness have diversified, the mental illness has changed to suffer from diseases easily, So it is necessary to create an open healing environment where the mind can be healed. By proposing the spatial components of the mental illness healing environment, this study tries to suggest the direction of the mental illness healing facility to be built in the future. As an example for finding and verifying the characteristics of the spatial components of a healing environment, a healing facility adjacent to an overseas city center was targeted. Through prior research and theoretical considerations, the concept is organized and elements of the healing environment are derived. After reclassifying into spatial elements, the spatial composition method is verified through overseas cases and its characteristics are confirmed. To this end, the elements of the healing environment are largely divided into environmental elements, external space elements, internal space elements, and visual elements, and individual elements are found and characteristics are analyzed. As a result, the mental illness healing environment forms a close relationship with the city center. There are external spaces of various sizes and sizes around the building and inside the building so that people can communicate with each other. It should be arranged in connection with the characteristics of the space in the interior space. In this way, an open healing environment can be created for effective healing. This study proposes an architectural plan by deriving spatial components to build a mental illness healing environment. Furthermore, arranging the elements of the healing environment for mental illness will help build a healing environment for various medical facilities.