Title Analysis of Factors of Participation in Social Enterprises to Revitalize the Operation of Urban Regeneration Profit-Type Community Facilities
Authors 김윤소(Kim, Yun-So) ; 유재우(Yoo, Jae-Woo)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.12.107
Page pp.107-117
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Urban Regeneration; profit-type Community Facilities; Participation influencing factors; social enterprise; PLS-SEM
Abstract This study is to analyze the operation status of profit-type shared facilities created by urban regeneration projects, and to analyze the influence relationship between social enterprises' participation inducing factors, sustainability, and intention to participate. As a result of analyzing the operation status of profit-type shared facilities, ① After the facility was completed, actual sales activities were difficult due to recruitment of operators, lack of space utilization, lack of reflection of opinions, and insufficient administrative implementation. ② After the completion of the project, there was a shortage of professional manpower and participating members. ③ In a situation where they had to bear operating costs, labor costs, and material costs, they were experiencing financial difficulties due to instability in the profit structure. As a result, attention is being paid to social economy organizations as follow-up management for sustainable urban regeneration projects. Therefore, based on the spirit of social entrepreneurship, I would like to suggest a way to induce participation in social enterprises that pursue both profitability and publicity. First, 12 detailed factors were classified by reviewing previous studies and conducting FGI and interviews with social enterprise representatives and experts. Second, after establishing a hypothesis and a research model, it was verified using PLS-SEM. The results and implications of the research hypothesis are as follows. ① It was confirmed that strategic factors can affect social performance and have a significant effect on participation intention. ② As an institutional factor, it was found that both economic and social performance had a positive effect, and the intention to participate was also positive. ③ It was confirmed that the financial factor had a positive effect on both economic and social performance, and in particular, the final effect leading to the intention to participate was the highest. ④ It was found that the environmental factors had a significant effect on both economic and social performance and positively on the intention to participate. In the future, it will be necessary to develop a profit-type common use facility operation model and pilot simulation research by utilizing the factors that induce participation in social enterprises.