Title Energy Usage and Net-Zero Energy Implementation of Public Health Centers
Authors 김지현(Kim, Ji-Hyeon) ; 임희원(Lim, Hee-Won) ; 이현승(Lee, Hyun-Seung) ; 신우철(Shin, U-Cheul)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2021.37.12.247
Page pp.247-253
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Net-Zero Energy Building; Daycare Center; Energy Performance Evaluation; Photovoltaic System
Abstract This research presented a method to realize zero energy at the insulation and technology level by identifying energy use situation of standard public health center. The standard public health center’s total floor area is 279㎡ and it is one story building of public health center. For energy use situation and zero energy realization, an analysis was performed through TRANSYS simulation. All energy of the standard model is supplied by electricity. For the cooling and heating system, the air to water heat pump was applied. According to the analysis, the annual electricity consumption of the standard public health center was 21,075kWh and it was indicated in the following order: heating ? 36%, appliance and plug ? 32%, lighting ? 14%, cooling ? 11%, and hot water ? 7%. The installation capacity of photovoltaic for net zero energy realization was 15.84kWp, and annually 21,192kWh of electricity was produced, which is more than 21,075kWh, the electricity consumption of the standard public health center branch. Consequently, it was found out that net zero energy is realized at the current insulation and technology level.