Title The Characteristics of Cheongju Jungang Park From the Perspective of ‘The Third Space’
Authors 김종훈(Kim, Jong-Hun) ; 한찬훈(Haan, Chan-Hoon) ; 안대환(An, Dai-Whan)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.2.83
Page pp.83-92
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Cheongju Jungang Park; The Third Place; Historic place; Park Planning; Sustainability; Change
Abstract The third place is a concept from Ray Oldenburg; it can be defined as a flexible boundary between public and private spaces where change is perceived as great and is a contributing factor to the direction of change. This study aims to analyze and apply the concept of ‘the Third Space’ to the expansion plan of Cheongju Jungang Park to Cheongju Jungang Historical Park. The existing Cheongju Jungang Park is located in downtown Cheongju near ‘a private space’. It is already recognized as a Third Space for its historical attributes and rich cultural heritage by Cheongju citizens; the park is a comfortable and familiar public space used daily. The planning concept for Cheongju Jungang Historical Park extends to downtown Cheongju and proposes to protect and expand historical factuality by preserving some existing facilities, link historicity with new buildings, secure private spaces, and display it as a familiar space for diverse users. The aim is for Jungang Park goers to experience continuity in ‘the Third Place’. Also, for there to be viable sustainability despite any future changes made in downtown Cheongju and within Jungang Park.