Title An Analysis of the City as a Museum Object Appeared in City Museums’ Evolution
Authors 유영이(Yoo, Young Yi) ; 박소현(Park, So-Hyun)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.4.51
Page pp.51-60
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords City Museum; City Historical Museum; Museum Object
Abstract This study explores the city as a museum object that acts as the establishment’s background and renews the permanent exhibitions of city museums that typically collects, preserves and studies cities. As a place that captures the zeitgeist, the museum displays the city and, in the process, sets the standards to objectify a city. This analysis was conducted on early city museums (the Carnavalet-History of Paris Museum, the London Museum, the New York City Museum, the Amsterdam Museum) and the Seoul Museum of History. The results revealed that city museums were built during a unique conflict between urban development and urban heritage preservation. Compared to focusing on tangible heritage like in the early days of city museums, gradually a shift in focus expanded the intangible heritage such as individual experiences, memories, and opinions from the local community. The standard of collecting changed from the monumental approach of the ruling class such as royalty, the elite, and entrepreneurs to the everydayness of citizens. Rather than presenting a unilateral interpretation of experts, city museums have become a venue for communication by respecting various interpretations and opinions regarding the past, present, and future of a city.