Title Basic Design and Layout Plan of Essential Units for a Modular Screening Clinic
Authors 김은영(Kim, Eun-Young) ; 백정훈(Baek, Cheong-Hoon) ; 박금성(Park, Keum-Sung) ; 이상섭(Lee, Sang-Sup) ; 곽명근(Kwak, Myong-Keun) ; 오근영(Oh, Keunyeong) ; 부윤섭(Boo, Yoon-Seob)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.5.25
Page pp.25-32
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Infectious Disease; Screening Clinic Station; Modular Architecture; Basic Design
Abstract Historically, the first-class infectious disease led to SARS in 2002, swine flu in 2009, MERS in 2015, and COVID-19 in 2019. This study aims to design and arrange an essential unit of a modular screening clinic for continuous use in the event of a future infectious disease outbreak, particularly focusing on laying the foundation to quickly respond to disasters. The research process involved specifying essential units based on previous studies that derived the essential and recommended facilities for screening clinics. The required unit module of the modular screening clinic was set as A, B, and C, and the combination was reviewed. As a result of the study, A+B(3)+C type was found to be the most appropriate in terms of function and movement. The results also indicated that a module unit with a size of 1800 × 3,000 mm was the most suitable for module assembly and transportation. A plan, elevation, and cross-sectional view were then designed by connecting the derived units into five combinations. The essential elements of the space consisted of a reception room, a treatment room, a medical staff space, a locker room, and a waste disposal room. The third, serial, parallel, and mixed layout scenarios were prepared in anticipation of site utilization by a public health center.