Title The Formation Process and Main Street Characteristics of the Shanghai Foreign Concession and Old Walled Shanghai During the Modern Era
Authors 이서경(Li, Rui-Qing) ; 유재우(Yoo, Jea-Woo)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.5.43
Page pp.43-54
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Shanghai; British Concession; Old Walled Shanghai; Urban space; Urban planning system
Abstract The study aims to analyze the spatial formation process of the British Concession and Old Walled Shanghai in modern Shanghai. According to the relevant urban planning system promulgated by the British Concession and Old Walled Shanghai in modern times, the main changes of the city's waterways and roads, distribution of urban areas and major facilities under the influence of the system were analyzed. After analysis, the results revealed that the county town known as the birthplace of traditional Shanghai culture retained its urban context in the process of transforming into a modern urban space while the British Concession was endowed with a new urban language under the new system. The development of urban space was orderly under the norms of the political system. Under the premise of formulating the development direction as the framework, the goal of positive and orderly development of urban space was achieved through the means of autonomy. However, in the absence of the general framework of the development direction and the imperfect political system, the means of self-government are limited, and urban space develops in an unhealthy direction of disorder and excess development. Through analysis of the three main roads in the British Concession and Old Walled Shanghai regarding the development of the city, the urban streets were gradually given new characteristics, and the street and building functions changed with these new characteristics..