Title Study on the Categorization of Residential House for the Integrated Remodeling of Elderly Housing
Authors 이진경(Lee, Jin-Kyoung) ; 문정인(Moon, Jung-In)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.6.57
Page pp.57-64
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Elderly Housing; Integrated Residential Remodeling; Housing Type
Abstract The purpose of the study is to classify the residential structures according to the main area for the integrated remodeling of residential houses and to suggest the integrated remodeling plan of the residential layout for the elderly. The procedure is as follows. First, a literature review on the integrated remodeling of residential spaces and housing for the elderly is conducted. Second, focusing on residential house in non-metropolitan areas, rural house types are categorized and their spatial hierarchy is investigated. Third, spatial characteristics are analyzed through current status and interview surveys. Finally, the plan for integrated remodeling of residential spaces for the elderly is presented. The conclusion of the study is as follows. The rural house types are categorized to a living room centered type and a bedroom centered type. The living room centered type is a type with the living room in the center and rooms at the edges. The bedroom centered type is a type in which rooms (bedrooms) are arranged in parallel and connected by a hallway. For integrated remodeling of residential space for the elderly, it is required to decide the space that is mainly used. The main area should be well connected with other functions. Efficient connections between public space and private space and between private spaces are necessary. The size of unnecessary space should be reduced and other rooms can be merged in order to expand the size of the main use area.