Title Remodeling Decision of LH Aged Long-term Public Rental Housing
Authors 박성식(Park, Seong-sik) ; 박윤재(Park, Yoonjae) ; 김명식(Kim, Myungshig)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.7.57
Page pp.57-67
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords 장기공공임대주택; 리모델링; 리모델링 요인; 리모델링 유형
Abstract The study aims to derive and organize factors that determine remodeling types involving LH aged long-term public rental housing. Relevant remodeling legal system, precedent research, LH internal data to figure out the overall remodeling content, various statistics and press releases were reviewed and analyzed to find factors that determined remodeling types. The determining system regarding remodeling direction and types were divided into three steps. Steps one and two entailed maintenance remodeling and units supply remodeling; step three involved renovation, vertical expansion, horizontal expansion, residential area expansion, and annex expansion to determine the detailed types. The first and second phases were set by population changes such as elderly population increase and urban change known as population increase, business increase, and old buildings increase. As for the third phase, it was set by an apartment complex's status in terms of the number of people waiting to move in, spare floor space ratio, spare building-to-land rate, tenant’s characteristics, and structural safety diagnosis grade. Overall, this study proposed determinants organized into three phases that should enable the identification of a remodeling type suitable for LH aged long-term public rental housing.