Title A Study on Characteristics of Exterior Stairs and Contact Spaces in Commercial Street
Authors 한상곤(Han, Sang-Gon) ; 조항만(Zo, Hangman)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.9.81
Page pp.81-90
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Commercial Street; Exterior Stair; Street Contact Space; Semi-underground; Transparency; Yeonnam-dong; Miro-gil
Abstract still a prerequisite for a commercial street to be in contact with shops and streets. However, as urbanization progressed, shops began to appear on the upper floors of buildings, and various problems surfaced. To address this issue, the introduction of exterior stairs recently began to be incorporated into commercial facilities. This phenomenon in the commercial district near Hongdae starts in Seogyo-dong and spreads to Yeonnam-dong through Sangsu-dong and is particularly evident in the Miro-gil area in Yeonnam-dong in section 33 of Donggyo-ro 38-gil. As commercialization proceeded first in this area, the fences of existing houses were demolished, and the front open spaces and balconies of these buildings were opened to the public. Additionally, a street contact space with various levels formed that actively utilized the semi-underground space. In this space, the direction of the entrance of existing exterior stairs changed where the street and shop were directly connected to attract pedestrians to enter. As a result, the three-dimensionalization of the commercial street and the accessibility to the upper part of these commercial buildings were greatly improved. The three-dimensional contact space was used in various ways depending on the purpose of the store; it was particularly used more actively when the level of the road and the contact space were different, and the exterior stairs were visually exposed to pedestrians. Pedestrians could intuitively grasp information about these shops from the street level by looking at people visiting the shops located in the upper parts of these commercial facilities. Such scenes provided pedestrians with various attractions and options along with shop information that revitalized commercial streets.