Title Research Trends on Elderly Care and Elderly Space through a Systematic Review and Keyword Network Analysis
Authors 김시은(Kim, Sieun) ; 유성은(Yoo, Sungeun)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.9.91
Page pp.91-99
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Elderly Space; Community Care; Systematic Review; Keyword Network Analysis; Research Trend
Abstract This study explores countermeasures to a super-aged society from the perspective of architectural space design. By systematically analyzing domestic research trends related to the care and space for the elderly, major research topics and contents were identified with its problems and implications. Based on this, future research directions for elderly space were suggested. Research trends were identified by collecting prior research literature related to care for the elderly and elderly space by conducting a systematic literature review and keyword network analysis. As a result of literature analysis, it was found that related research increased significantly from 2020 onwards, and was mainly conducted in social sciences related to public administration and policy. There have been many studies aimed at suggesting elderly welfare services, systems, policy directions, guidelines, and alternatives. User-centered research was conducted to understand the consciousness and behavior of the elderly. As for research methods, many qualitative studies such as literature surveys and interview surveys considering the characteristics of the elderly were conducted. According to the keyword network analysis results, community care was a key keyword and showed a strong connection with keywords such as elderly, elderly care, and elderly care service. These keywords were linked to residence for the elderly, housing welfare facilities for the elderly, and home care service. It was found that a lot of research on the living space of the elderly was conducted. On the other hand, there were many studies focused on services, institutions and policies, but relatively few studies related to architectural space design. From the perspective of architectural space design, studies related to care and space for the elderly require a study on comprehensive residential space planning and design for the elderly as it relates to community care.