Title User Needs Regarding Sharehouse Design for Korean and Chinese Students
Authors 장신웨(Zhang, Xin-Yue) ; 박수빈(Park, Soo-Been)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.10.27
Page pp.27-38
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Korean students in Beijing; Chinese students in Seoul; Share house; Personal space; Shared space
Abstract As the number of international students continue to rise, housing has become a matter of concern. Faced with the challenges of social interaction, international students are drawn to the benefits of shared housing. This research investigates the needs of Korean and Chinese international students regarding personal space and shared space in shared housing. A literature review was examined to determine the current state of shared housing design in Korea and China and a questionnaire survey was conducted to mainly focus on the needs of international students. As a result, the literature review showed that share houses in Korea and China differ in terms of housing type, size and composition of personal and shared spaces. Korean and Chinese students showed significant differences in terms of needs for arrangement type of share houses, shape, theme and intention to attend parties or meetings in community spaces. Both Korean and Chinese students tended to prefer private single rooms the most, with Korean students preferring them slightly more than Chinese students. Besides toilets and showers, Korean students preferred to add a dressing room, while Chinese students wanted to add a private balcony. Korean students showed a strong preference for sharing one living room and one kitchen or dining space per three bedrooms, whereas Chinese students preferred one living room and one kitchen or dining space per two bedrooms. Chinese students considered the living room the largest space and wanted to separate it from other spaces. Korean students viewed the kitchen and dining space as spaces for community activities whereas Chinese students focused on the basic functions of cooking and eating.