Title A Study on the Design Direction of Public Rental House through 'Small-Scale Housing Improvement Project’
Authors 김선란(Kim, Sun-ran) ; 유재우(Yoo, Jae-Woo)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.10.49
Page pp.49-60
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Small-Scale Housing Improvement Project; Public Rental Housing; Design Directions; Context; Sustainability; Variety
Abstract This study aims to provide new design directions for public rental housing by analyzing 'Small-Scale Housing Improvement Project(SSHIP). To this end, we investigate the changes in population, household, society, policy, institution, as the main factors that can affect the rental housing design. Then we analyze the applications of public housing design and suggest the new rental housing design directions through SSHIP. The term 'Small-Scale Housing Improvement Project' means projects implemented in region or city blocks to facilitate improving the houses which worn-out and substandard structures. Housing demand is notably different by individual users, and small scale developments are growing. Information technology and green technology are also advancing. As a consequence, It needed to support for facilitating SSHIP such as improving residential environment, the supply of public rental housing, need-based housing, compact urban space & economic improvement. Current designs of public housing reflect recent housing plan in a few towels for housing and making multi stories podium. This shows that the existing designs are not differentiated by region and we need to develop various approaches according to location characteristics and the corresponding new housing types. Therefore, this study proposes the following seven directions: responsiveness to demand changes, reflection of location characteristics, a variety of form, connectivity to a local community, acquisition of housing function, realization of green environment, and sustainability for residence, the enhancement of economic power in the neighborhood.