Title A Study on the Perception of Long-term Repair Plan of Multi-family Housing
Authors 김재성(Kim, Jae-Sung) ; 김원필(Kim, Won-Pil)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.10.71
Page pp.71-81
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Multi-family housing; Long-term Repair Plan; Awareness; Managers; Residents
Abstract This study is aimed at conducting a survey on residential satisfaction and awareness of the residents regarding long-term repair plans of multi-family housing to examine the issues on long-term repair and to suggest a long-term repair plan and improvement strategies that reflect the perspectives of both managers and residents. For this purpose, survey method is carried out for the residents and managers of private apartment complexes and recovered 173 questionnaires from the residents and 128 from the managers, totaling 301. Based on the outcomes of the analyses, it is suggested that improvement strategies for reasonable long-term repair plans that could extend the service lives of multi-family housing from the perspectives of the regulators, managers, and residents. Firstly, the improvement strategy from the perspective of the regulators was the ‘realistic improvement of the current long-term repair system.’ Secondly, the improvement strategies from the perspective of the managers were ‘gaining practical knowledge and enhancing skills for long-term repairs’ and ‘normalization of the contributions to long-term repair reserves.’ Finally, the improvement strategy for the residents was ‘increasing the repair interest in the multi-family housing where they live.’ Fundamental issues were also identified on the long-term repair program in an integrated perspective of the managers and residents, in addition to the improvement strategy from the perspective of the related regulators.