Title Actual Conditions and Improvement of Home Modification Projects for the Elderly Households
Authors 이용민(Lee, Yong min) ; 권오정(Kwon, Oh-Jung)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.10.107
Page pp.107-118
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Elderly Households; Home Modification for the Elderly Households; Home Modification Process; Coordinator; Constructor
Abstract This study aims to propose a plan to improve future home modification projects for the elderly by investigating and analyzing the status of project execution, difficulties, and improvement requirements for contractors and coordinators with experience in such projects for elderly households. Additionally, this study includes the differences in contractor and coordinator positions during the implementation process, derives improvements necessary for effective linkage and cooperation, and provides information on building a foundation for home modifications for elderly households in Korea. Through an email survey, data from contractors and coordinators were collected. This survey included pre-education status, work support status, needs of coordinators, difficulties in carrying out projects, participation level and difficulties during each implementation stage. The results of this study revealed that the plan and construction process should not be unilaterally entrusted to the contractor; the contractor and the coordinator should take part in the project separately. However, the coordinator should orchestrate the entire process. To reduce difficulties for contractors, coordinators should be selected based on their expertise in housing welfare such as housing, interior design or architecture. If they are effectively linked, the efficiency of implementing home modifications could be improved. Developing diagnostic tools to establish home modification plans during each implementation stage is necessary. There is a greater need for a worker’s support organization regarding the development of tools for home modification, education, and in providing relevant information.