Title A Study on the Characteristics of the Housing Demand of Single-Person Households Affecting the Intergenerational Homeshare
Authors 이태규(Lee, Taegyu) ; 최재필(Choi, Jaepil)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.11.3
Page pp.3-12
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Single-person household; Ultra-aged society; Youth housing welfare; Intergenerational; Homeshare
Abstract At a time when the number of single-person households are soaring and approaching a super-aged society, the Seoul Metropolitan Government's Generational Empathy Under a Roof project was launched. This is a housing sharing program between generations for practical purposes in terms of social welfare for the elderly and housing for the youth. This study focused on identifying factors affecting the matching results of this project, which could be a new residential type in the upcoming super-aged society. Quantitative analysis was made to understand this project in the urban context of districts, excluding the sociocultural perspective, using national statistics. Five quantitative indicators that represented housing needs were selected as home visitors, and 13 indicators representing housing characteristics were selected as home providers, including population characteristics, gender, and local economic conditions. In addition, the matching results data of the elderly and the young in the dependent Generational Empathy Under a Roof project were disclosed on a district basis, the data of independent variables representing young and old participants were organized into 15 districts, and a multiple regression analysis was performed. According to this analysis, the number of universities and the number of apartments where older women reside were factors that significantly affected the performance of the Han-roof generation empathy project. Since each of these two factors represented the quantitative housing needs of the young generation represented by the number of universities and the housing characteristics of the older generation who provide housing, these aspects should be simultaneously considered for this project.