Title The Characteristics and Types of Roundabouts That Consider Multi-level Development of Autonomous Roads
Authors 박치영(Park, Chiyoung) ; 장산(Jang, San) ; 이선규(Lee, Sunkyu) ; 박동민(Park, Dongmin) ; 김기태(Kim, Kitae)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.11.95
Page pp.95-106
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Roundabout; Multi-level Development; Autonomous Driving; Cluster Analysis; Seoul Living Sphere
Abstract This study analyzes the characteristics and types of roundabouts in Seoul from the perspective of multi-level development with consideration to the spread of autonomous vehicles in the near future. By utilizing the criteria of multi-level development derived from literature review, 69 roundabouts were examined; their attributes of space usability, traffic safety, and local connectivity were compared by living sphere, and then cluster analysis was conducted. As a result, roundabouts were classified into three types: Type 1 was distributed throughout each living area, Type 2 was concentrated in the city center and Type 3 was mainly distributed adjacent to the Han River and outskirt arterial roads. A sectional design concept for each type was proposed as smart parking, public transit, and local fulfilment corresponding to the change of future mobility demand. The result of study could be used as a resource to support the planning and management of roundabout multi-level development in preparation for the era of autonomous vehicles. Further studies on related policies and design issues for the implementation of multi-level development is necessary.