Title A Case-Study on the Planning and Design Method of Multi-Family Housing in Preventing Infectious Diseases
Authors 최진경(Choi, Jin Gyoung) ; 이정형(Lee, Jung Hyung) ; 이하림(Lee, Harim)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.12.15
Page pp.15-24
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Planning methods of apartment housing ; Apartment housing design ;
Abstract Infectious diseases have begun to spread all over the world with the need for countermeasures against them have risen in each field. In the field of housing space design, there are ongoing discussions about spaces that can respond to infectious diseases. Therefore, the analysis of plan proposals for the 2020 Republic of Korea Public Housing Design Call for Public Recruitment, which includes a plan to deal with infectious diseases in the design public call for proposals was examined. The conscription response methods proposed in the 12 award-winning works were from the perspective of safety for sanitary and hygienic infectious disease prevention, space openness and territoriality to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. These were classified into spatial plans such as clean zones inside the house were added for the safety of a residential space. Through the balcony and terrace facing the outside, and the plan of the step-type initiative, the external space where individuals can use perfume was planned for openness. The variable facilities and mass design were planned to enable the distributed arrangement of a space, and the area was secured for space users. In this way, to plan public housing to deal with infectious diseases in the current architectural field, the above elements should be considered and applied from the spatial planning of the design stage. After that, it is necessary to conduct additional research on planning methods that are more than mere dimensions through cases of residential space design for overseas infectious diseases.