Title An Analysis on the Architectural Characteristics Found in Residents’ Driven Remodeling Process of the Yeouido Sibum Apartments
Authors 정윤천(Jung, Yoonchun) ; 신은기(Cinn, Eungee)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2022.38.12.99
Page pp.99-106
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Remodeling ; Resident ; Unit ; Terrace ;
Abstract Modern South Korean architectural precedents that originated in the 1970s have not been properly studied by academics and practitioners where most are in danger of being lost over time. In this study, Yeouido Sibum Apartments was selected due to it being one of the undervalued yet ideal urban housing complexes of South Korean Developmental State with its redevelopment plan underway. Since its completion in 1971, Yeouido Sibum Apartments have architecturally progressed with its unique spatial and structural characteristics. The structural characteristics of a remodeled unit that faces toward the open corridors of an apartment building have been constructed in such a way that it can accommodate unlimited spatial changes and extensions. The individual units have undergone multiple renovations to accommodate the changing tastes of its residents. These renovations include terraces, emergency openings planned next to corridors leading into extended rooms, kitchen spaces and outdoor areas turned into auxiliary storage units. This study aims to carefully investigate the transformations and extensions of the terrace space of the Yeouido Sibum Apartments and intends to document architectural changes made from residents in the past 50 years. Various research methods were applied such as interviews with major apartment remodeling agencies, on-site investigations covering a total of 1,584 apartment units, and resident surveys conducted to inquire about past remodeling experiences. Consequently, various ways of remodeling the terrace spaces in relation to the unit types and resident’s personal situations are expected to be emphasized.