Title Drawing House Performance Fields by Comparatively Analyzing Domestic and Foreign Housing Certification Systems
Authors 윤성빈(Yoon, Sung-Bin) ; 황성은(Hwang, Sung-Eun) ; 강부성(Kang, Boo-Seong)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2023.39.2.27
Page pp.27-38
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Housing Performance; Building Certification; Architectural Planning; Building Environment; Building Performance
Abstract The purpose of this study is to draw housing performance fields by comparatively analyzing domestic and foreign housing certificate systems. The high classification level was composed of the architectural plan field and the architectural environment field, based on the items to be evaluated by each certificate, to analyze the characteristics of housing certificates that are currently used, arranged and summarized into sub-items that then divide the evaluation items by each field into the middle classification level of plan, safety, pollution, and environment. The housing performance fields by each certificate, based on the re-classified performance evaluation items were then analyzed. It drew a total of 15 fields including plan, transit, structure, water, BF, safety, energy, pollution, location, unit, maintenance, material, access, waste environment, by comparatively analyzing domestic and foreign housing certificate systems. The housing certificates intensively evaluated energy performance including HVAC and MEP, which primarily consisted of environmental performance involving thermal environment, light environment and sound environment. It was determined that the entire architectural plan including unit household plan, transportation, access to public facilities, the structure safety performance and the living environment place for taking care of the socially disadvantaged were not adequately evaluated.