Title A Study on the Envelopes of Office Architecture for the Realization of Biophilic Design
Authors 김정석(Kim, Jung-Suk) ; 김민경(Kim, Min-Kyung)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2023.39.3.3
Page pp.3-12
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Biophilic; Sensory; Algorithm; Facade; Office
Abstract In Architecture, biophilic design is known as the theory that human health and efficiency are improved by creating built environments through natural elements, and it mainly focuses on comfortable indoor activities for humans. However, most of them were applied and used in indoor spaces in a built environment, and the scope of their application was narrow. Therefore, this paper analyzes the biophilic design theory by dividing it into sensuous design and technical design through prior research, and applies it to the external environment of architecture through parametric design. The exterior of architecture is the primary boundary between the exterior and interior, and is important because it exerts a strong sensual and environmental influence on the interior environment. In addition, buildings have a large impact on environmental issues, a global issue, and one of the biggest causes of energy load is the curtain-wall-type envelope. Many office architectures have this problem. Therefore, by implementing a biophilic design on the outer skin and outer space of a high-rise building, the effect of stimulating both human senses and functions is expected not only inside the building but also outside. In addition, based on the biophilic design theory, we hope to contribute to the natural environment by analyzing the theories of existing researchers and reinterpreting them based on senses and experiences to suggest ways to apply biophilic design to the external environment of buildings.