Title An Analysis of the Importance of CPTED Certification Criteria in the Community Welfare Center
Authors 강석진(Kang, Seok-Jin) ; 김진욱(Kim, Jin-Wook) ; 박승연(Park, Seung-Yeon) ; 김고원(Kim, Go-Won)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2023.39.3.75
Page pp.75-83
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Community Welfare Center; CPTED; Certification; Expert Survey; AHP
Abstract This study was conducted to find-out to improve and utilize the CPTED certification criteria of community welfare centers from the perspective of the necessity of crime prevention and the expansion of the scope of CPTED research. As a result of the literature review, the CPTED certification of the community welfare center currently applies the criteria of apartment complexes, and the weight of each item was arbitrarily set, which caused a problem. In order to solve these problems, the certification criteria were revised to 42 items in 4 areas by reflecting the characteristics of the community welfare center and users. And, the importance of areas and detailed items was calculated through expert surveys in the architecture and police administration fields. As a result of AHP analysis, it was found that "safety facilities and buildings" are important, and "outdoor space and boundary of site" are relatively less important. Among the 42 detailed items, the importance of surveillance principle was very high, such as CCTV and lighting installation in underground parking lots, visual contact underground parking lots, and in childcare facilities and playground. In addition, the importance of items reflecting the principle of access control was high in the vehicle entry space at the site boundary, work space (including cores), low-use rooftop floors, basement and connection points, and exterior walls of the building.