Title Analytical Study on Performance of Column-Tree Steel Moment Connections with Out-of-Plane Skewed Beam
Authors 홍종국(Hong, Jong-Kook)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2023.39.3.213
Page pp.213-220
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Column-Tree; Steel Moment Connection; Out-of-Plane Skew; Beam Splice; Bolt Pre-tension; Finite Element Analysis
Abstract The effect of out-of-plane beam skew on the performance of column-tree steel moment connections was investigated through nonlinear finite element anlaysis. The results indicated that there was no major impact on the global response of the column-tree connections with out-of-plane skewed beam. Regardless of the beam skew, the slippage in the beam splice significantly contributed to the energy dissipation capacity until the story drift ratio of 0.02 rad and the plastification of steel took over after that. However, the local performance might be affected by the beam skew. The fracture indices at the column-beam joint were generally higher in the beam flange tip than in the beam flange center. But the fracture indices at the beam flange center were increased as the beam out-of-plane skew angle was increased. Beam out-of-plane skew also introduced the column twist which resulted in stress concentration at the tip of connection beam flange. The bolt tension in the flange splice decreased up to 45% of the initial bolt pre-tension at the story drift ratio of 0.04 rad. The bolt tension loss was more severe as the beam out-of-plane angle was higher in the models with the beam depth of 600 mm, while there were minimal differences between the models with beam depth of 500 mm.