Title Implications of the Open Call System in the Flemish Region of Belgium
Authors 신형준(Shin, Hyung-joon) ; 김주원(Kim, Ju-Won) ; 임영환(Lim, Yeong-hwan)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2023.39.5.3
Page pp.3-14
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Public Building; Belgium Flemish Region; Open Call; Architectural Planning System; Design Order System; Request for a Proposal; City Architect System
Abstract This study integrated the planning and design stages of public buildings into one research scope, focusing on the domestic request for a proposal system. The open call system in the Belgian province of Flanders has been continuously striving to improve the quality of public buildings for more than 20 operating years. Through this system, several elegant public buildings were created there, ranging from close-to-life small buildings to large buildings that serve as local landmarks. As a result of analyzing this operation, the following implications for a proposal system request were derived. Further expanding the proposal competition to be applied to large-scale projects without limiting the recommended size is necessary. When evaluating a proposal request, avoiding a scoring system and pursuing a voting system is needed so that the evaluation effect of an architect's career and similar project performance is minimized, and innovative ideas can be adopted. When organizing the judging committee and considering the domestic situation, the evaluation effect can be reviewed in the order of organizational needs to participate as a jury member. The role and scope of work involving private experts should be expanded to the planning and design stages before and after the request for a proposal system, so that they play an overall and leading role rather than an auxiliary role. This study was meaningful in that it drew different implications from previous studies, such as the appropriate project size of a proposal request, design competition period, evaluation and screening, and the role of private experts and government architects. However, there was a limitation in that the implications related to the request for a proposal system were presented at the level of improvements; a more detailed analysis of the problems of the request for a proposal system and research for realistic improvement plans remain as future tasks