Title A Proposal for a Next-Generation Architecture Model of Software-defined Concept as a Building Product to Secure Competitiveness in the Construction Industry
Authors 장선영(Jang, Sun-Young) ; 김성준(Kim, Seongjun) ; 문성완(Moon, Seong-Wan) ; 정희건(Chong, HeeGun) ; 김성아(Kim, Sung-Ah)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2023.39.5.15
Page pp.15-26
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Software-defined; Software-defined Housing; Digital Twin; Building Information Modeling; Digital Fabrication
Abstract The coronavirus pandemic caused diverse changes within a few years, from changes in people’s lifestyles and living environments to the acceleration of digital transformation throughout society and a downturn in the construction industry. Productivity improvement is important to strengthen competitiveness within the construction industry; however, domestic construction productivity has been gradually decreasing, showing low productivity compared to other industries. To overcome low productivity, this study proposes Software-defined Housing (SDH), a next-generation architectural model. This study also presented the SDH ecosystem together, considering that SDH can become a driving force for an industrial ecosystem rather than just functional housing with new technologies. To apply the Software-defined (SD) concept to architecture, theoretical considerations, and case analyses in various fields were performed to establish the concept of SDH. SDH components were defined by dividing them into hardware and software, based on the basic principles of SD networking (SDN) and SD vehicles (SDV) to present SDH implementation strategies. The detailed components and operating principles were set and presented using scenario-based prototyping. Finally, to verify this model, in-depth interviews were conducted with architecture and construction experts on the competitiveness of the SDH model and the possibility of contributing to industrial productivity in the construction field through the establishment of an ecosystem. Consequently, this study confirmed the possibility of the SDH concept being developed into a new industrial power in the construction field to respond to changes in society, manage shifts in the industry and overcome low productivity.