Title Exploring the Concept of Architecture as an Art of Creating Things Through Modern Art Review, Veshch (Beщь)
Authors 서정일(Seo, Jeongil)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2023.39.5.81
Page pp.81-92
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Veshch (Beщь); Thing; Constructive Art; Avant-garde; Lissitzky
Abstract Veshch (Bещь-Objet-Gegenstand), an international review of modern art featuring articles in Russian, German, and French, was founded by El Lissitzky and Ilya Ehrenburg in cosmopolitan Berlin in 1922. While the journal's stated goal was to introduce the latest Western European art to artists working in Russia and to provide information about Russian art to people in Western Europe, its true objective was to establish new modern art as constructive art that could contribute to organizing new modern life and society. Veshch viewed artistic things as the organizing causes of society, rather than just its results. This study aims to investigate Veshch's goals and strategies centered around the concept of 'thing' by closely analyzing and interpreting the journal's original texts. It seeks to understand the implications of the editors’ approach on communication among different artistic mediums and the exploration of possibilities for new things. According to Veshch, such things were not to be created through individual emotions but through shared knowledge of construction and the accumulation and development of this knowledge would allow for a new world of artistic things. Thus, Veshch proposed and encouraged new ideas by editing such knowledge to guide new inventions and synthesis, taking on the role of an innovative and open platform for a possible new modern life. In the field of architecture, it anticipated the ways of integrating architectural language and industrial solutions.