Title Planning Futuristic Learning Spaces through Teaching and Learning Process Design
Authors 이윤서(Lee, Yoonseo) ; 김지혜(Kim, Ji-Hye) ; 신은경(Shin, Eun Gyeong)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2023.39.6.15
Page pp.15-26
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Teaching and Learning Space; User Directed Design; Green Smart School; Future School Space
Abstract This study aims to identify the essential characteristics of unit spaces necessary for facilitating future teaching and learning processes. Additionally, it seeks to propose guidelines for future school space planning and policy implications. The activities outlined in the 2015 National Curriculum's teaching and learning materials were categorized into 58 activity types that were further grouped into six categories: data collection and utilization, instrumental exploration and experiment, expression activity, playing, discussion, and performing. Subsequently, drawings of unit spaces suitable for each activity type were created. To enhance the validity of the proposed designs, feedback was obtained from 54 gifted education teachers who actively engaged in designing future teaching and learning processes to refine and improve the unit spaces for optimal functionality. Through the analysis of the plans provided by the teachers, four key planning directions for futuristic learning spaces emerged: connecting classrooms of various sizes, supporting convergence activities through multi-functional unit classrooms, fostering flexibility in the boundary between learning spaces and support spaces, and creating a digital/AI educational environment. Furthermore, recommendations were made for implementing policies at the school, local education office, and national levels. This study proposed a futuristic teaching and learning process along with a well-suited learning space design based on the invaluable insights of teachers who actively utilize such learning spaces.