Title Shear Performance of Vertical Joints between Precast Concrete (PC) Wall Panels
Authors 서수연(Seo, Soo-Yeon) ; 문정호(Moon, Jeong-Ho) ; 오영훈(Oh, Young-Hun) ; 윤현도(Yun, Hyun-Do)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2023.39.6.203
Page pp.203-212
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Precast Concrete Wall Panel; Vertical Joint; Shear Behavior; Shear Strength; U-shaped loop Bar
Abstract Precast concrete (PC) buildings with wall system are constructed by stacking wall panels and floor slabs, which are typically connected through grouted vertical and horizontal joints. The strength and deformability of vertical joints between PC wall panels play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of PC wall-type structures. This study presents the test results on the shear performance of vertical joints that were grouted with concrete and reinforced with overlapping U-shaped (loop) bars. Four jointed PC wall panels were constructed and tested under monotonic and cyclic shear loading. Each specimen consists of two PC wall panels, assembled with 170 mm vertical joint and loop bars along the height for casting joint mortar. The deformed bars of 10 and 13 mm were utilized as U-shaped loop bars within the vertical joints. Direct shear tests showed that under monotonic loading, a specimen VJ-10M with 10 mm U-shaped bars exhibited more ductile shear-slip response than the specimen VJ-13M with 13 mm U-shaped bars while the shear strength of VJ13-M is 16 % higher than VJ-10M. Both VJ-10M and ?13M specimens show higher shear strength and greater ductility than VJ-10C and ?13C specimens loaded under cyclic shear. Furthermore, this study evaluated the existing empirical and shear friction design formulas by comparing predicted strength and measured strength of 192 vertical joint specimens from this study and available literatures.