Title A Study on the Transformation Ways of Pedestrian Roadside System using Infrastructure for Walkability Improvement in Seoul City Center
Authors 정태종(Jeong, Tae-Jong)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2023.39.7.13
Page pp.13-20
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Walkability Improvement; Pedestrian Roadside System; Space Syntax; Infrastructure; Sustainability
Abstract This study focuses on improving walkability in the city center through infrastructure interventions involving a literature review and research on specific characteristics of urban spatial structure. The analysis employs space syntax and axial maps to extract the distinctive features of pedestrian spaces in the old city area of Seoul, particularly Cheonggyecheonro and Seoullo7017. The results revealed there were two approaches to improving pedestrian walkability in Seoul city center. One involved demolishing existing highways and regenerating Cheonggyecheon waterside pedestrian road, while the other focused on Seoullo7017, which transforms into a three-dimensional pedestrian space with functional changes. Additionally, quantitative analysis using space syntax revealed that Cheonggyecheonro and Seoullo7017 exhibit low connectivity, integration, and ERAM(3) values. These roads include Jongro in the east-west direction, Sejongdaero in Gwanghwamun, and Donhwamunro/Chungmuro in Jongro3ga, Daehakro/Donghoro in Dongdaemun in the south-north direction. Lastly, Cheonggyecheonro offers spatial characteristics with water spaces on the underground level and a pleasant streetscape for leisurely walks. Seoullo7017 provides a unique cityscape with a three-dimensional pedestrian space aboveground, catering to both leisurely strolls and purposeful walks. Based on these findings, Cheonggyecheonro and Seoullo7017 can be recommended for enhancing walkability through sustainable infrastructure regeneration. By connecting isolated spaces in the city center through pedestrian networks, a continuous linear park can be established, leading to urban regeneration with a focus on sustainability in Seoul city center.