Title Rehabilitation Planning of Changshin through Weaving the Sewing Factories and the Residentials
Authors 이유림(Lee, Youlim) ; 김수미(Kim, Soomi)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2023.39.8.91
Page pp.91-100
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Changsin-dong Sewing Factories; Weaving Strategy; Rehabilitation
Abstract Changsin-dong Sewing Factories has existed as the background of the Dongdaemun Fashion Market for more than 50 years and has been in charge of production in the distribution structure of the clothing industry. It is necessary to reorganize it as a base for the sewing industry, which is the basis for the daily life and socio-economic activities of the residents of Changsin-dong. This study investigated the history and value of Changsin-dong and presented the role of Dongdaemun fashion industry and the necessity of preservation value. In addition, the functions of clothing producers in Changsin-dong were investigated in order of process and spatial analysis of sewing factories is conducted based on previous research. By forming a sewing industry area, We would like to propose a program for residents in Changsin-dong through horizontal and vertical program placement analysis and the required area for each process of the sewing industry. We presented a plan to induce circulation of copper lines through logistics and interpolation and link the sewing process program of Pattern-Cutting-Sewing-Finishing. Therefore, we analyzed the case of reorganizing the space by organizing the urban manufacturing industry and the case of space planning with the slope, and based on this, we sought ways to use it according to the need for a sewing factory. By Weaving sewing factories distributed throughout Changsin-dong as a Cycle System, an efficient sewing work environment was presented, and a plan for linking the sewing factory and housing was proposed. In addition, in order to solve the problems of the existing slope, not only the sewing industry but also a community zone that local users can share together. It was expected as a base facility in the region through the Service Road and community zone using slopes. Sewing workers, residents of Changsin-dong, and citizens all work together to propose rehabilitation planning of Sewing Factories and the Residentials by weaving strategy.