Title A Study on the Simple Stage Installed in Yeongyeongdangjinjak in 1828
Authors 석진영(Seok, Jin-Young)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2023.39.11.105
Page pp.105-116
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Crown Prince Hyomyeong; Yeonhyang; Jinjak; Simple Stage; Jeongjae; Yundae; Great Rebellion; Youngji; Danseok; Chaeseon
Abstract In the banquets planned by Crown Prince Hyomyung during the period of the reign of Crown Prince Hyomyung, an original space and stage were composed, and a creative stage was produced. A simple stage appears in the new Jeongjae during the period of cleanliness of Crown Prince Hyomyung. A simple stage with Yundae (輪臺) in Chundaeokchok, Daemoban (玳瑁盤) in Musanhyang, Yeongji (影池) in Yeongji, Chaeseon (彩船) in Seonyurak (船遊樂), and Danseok (單席) in Chunnaengjeon. was produced and installed on the pagoda according to the order of installation. Chaeseon of Seonyurak inherited the stage of the previous period, and Musanhyang, Yeongji, Chunaengjeon, and Chundaeokchok were newly created. The great rebellion of Musan-hyang and the danseok of Chun-eeng-jeon were inherited after that, and the Yeong-ji was changed to a jidang plate and inherited. Yoondae appears only during the period of Crown Prince Hyomyeong. Among the simple stages attempted during the period of Crown Prince Hyomyeong, the Yundae (輪臺) is the largest in scale, followed by the Great Rebellion (玳瑁盤), Youngji (影池), and Danseok. In the case of Yundae, Great Rebellion, and Danseok, Muwon (舞員) goes up and spreads the government, but Yeongji has a characteristic that no person climbs. The size of the simple stage is in the order of ring belt, great nevus, youngji, and short stone. It can be seen that the ring belt has the highest size and artistry, and the practicality is single stone, and the ring belt with limited mobility has not been inherited. Among the creative renditions attempted during the period of Crown Prince Hyomyeong, Chundae Okchok, Musanhyang, Yeongji, and Chunaeengjeon were characteristic renditions that appeared during Yeongyeongdangjinjak, and they built a special stage according to the rendition to enhance the perfection of the rendition. Yeongyeongdang installed the fences of the south gate and the east gate as temporary boards for the efficiency of the space for the banquet. It was a convenient space configuration to move the stage, such as the Great Rebellion and Youngji. Crown Prince Hyomyeong, who conducted the politics of Yehyang, created a splendid simple stage to show the political system in Yeonhyang and reflected it in the Jeongjae (呈才).