Title A Study on Spatial Analyses and Way-findingBefore and After the Remodeling of Underground space- With a Focus on the Landmark locationsAfter the Remodeling of a Mixed-Use Commercial Complex, COEX Mall -
Authors 백대화(Baek, Dae-Hwa) ; 임리사(Lim, Lisa)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2024.40.1.3
Page pp.3-11
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords COEX mall; Renovation; Space Syntax; Axial Map Analysis; Integration; 10% integration core; Intelligibility; Intensity
Abstract The number of visitors to the COEX Mall decreased after the 2013 remodeling, contrary to the prediction that the number would increase. Following the remodeling, visitors experienced inconvenience in using the mall and had difficulties determining their locations and surroundings. They faced challenges with spatial cognition and way-finding. This study aimed to compare the spatial structure of the mall before and after remodeling and identify factors influencing visitors' spatial cognition. In the methodology section, space syntax theory was employed to analyze axial map. The analysis focused on several key indices, including integration, intelligibility, and intensity. This comprehensive approach provided valuable insights into the spatial structure and its effects on navigation within the studied area. Through axial map analysis, various aspects of the COEX Mall, including total average integration, 10% integration core, intelligibility, and intensity, showed slight improvements after the remodeling. However, further examination of the relationship between the 10% integration core axis and the landmark revealed that the landmarks after the remodeling are not attached to the integration core making it hard to access from other locations, suggesting that the landmark was less effective in its role. This finding underscores the importance of carefully considering the placement and distribution of landmark when planning the remodeling of multi-purposed commercial spaces, as they can have a substantial impact on the overall spatial characteristics and navigability for visitors.