Title A Comparative Study on Anthony Vidler's Warped Space and Spiral Space- Focusing on Vito Acconci's Murinsel -
Authors 이재인(Lee, Jae-In)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2024.40.1.13
Page pp.13-24
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Anthony Vidler; Warped Space; Vito Acconci; Murinsel; Spiral Sapce; Intermediary Art
Abstract This study aims to compare and analyze spiral spaces in contemporary architecture that Vidler treated very importantly in the form of spatial warping with a focus on his Warped Space and the Murinsel in whose architectural design the contemporary artist Vito Acconci participated, thus examining the direction of the 21st-century architecture that Vidler tried to propose through his Warped Space. The findings were summarized as follows: first, Intermediary art, which Vidler argued as another aspect of Warped Space, was a concept to commonly refer to works of art including movies and photographs that could explain or supplement the composition and interpretation of space warp in a metaphysical or physical manner; second, the space of space distortion presented in Vidler's's Warped Space must meet the conditions that the space of the central vanishing point that causes anxiety through gaze dispersion must be limited in addition to the rotating space that completes the three-dimensional perspective; third, analysis results based on the application of Vidler's Warped Space show that Murinsel has lines of movement or spaces that rotate to complete a three-dimensional viewpoint and the characteristics of space configuration to exclude a central vanishing point that causes anxiety; and finally, Osaka University of Arts of Department of Art Science by SANAA was a further advancement from Warped Space not only by fulfilling the conditions of Vidler's Warped Space, but also by showing space configuration to satisfy both spiral lines of movement and spaces unlike other contemporary buildings whose spiral spaces were clearly distinguished from spiral lines of movement.