Title Analyzing the Unauthorized Addition of Courtyard Roof Structures in Ikseon-dong HanoksSince the 2010s and Proposing Hanok Restoration Directions
Authors 윤현철(Youn, Hyun-Chul) ; 류성룡(Ryoo, Seong-Lyong)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2024.40.1.65
Page pp.65-75
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Ikseon-dong; Hanok; Courtyard roof structure; Illegal extension; Restoration
Abstract Examining diachronic changes in the courtyard roof structures (CRS) of Ikseon-dong's hanoks, this study conducts an architectural analysis of the illicit installation of CRS structures that deviate from the original hanok design. The study also proposes future restoration directions. Leveraging data from a complete enumeration survey in Jongno-gu, 84 hanoks in Ikseon-dong, featuring CRS installations around 2004, were categorized. The architectural characteristics and changes in 26 buildings before 2004 and 58 buildings after 2004 were scrutinized through a literature review and field observation. Findings indicate that Ikseon-dong, a residential hanok village since the 1970s, has long featured yard-covering structures. These covert and unauthorized additions remained unnoticed on the surface. However, with the advent of commercial capital in 2014, Ikseon-dong Hanok CRS underwent significant transformations, displaying sizes and scales that overpower the original hanok. These structures lack congruence in construction methods and materials, posing challenges to aesthetics. The major issue lies in their unauthorized nature. Addressing this in the future necessitates the implementation of a merchant-architectural expert matching program tailored to Ikseon-dong's unique context, addressing the challenges posed by illegal CRS.