Title A Study on the Problem Derivation and Improvement Direction through the Analysis of the Current Status of Building Management Act
Authors 박찬영(Park, Chan Young)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2024.40.5.21
Page pp.21-28
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Building Management Act; Building Management Plan; Writing Faithfulness
Abstract The Building Management Act, enacted on May 1, 2020, emerged in response to the escalating challenges posed by unmanaged and aging buildings, prompting a separation from the Building Code. The legislation sought to institute comprehensive building management plans, addressing the entire life cycle of a building, including maintenance, safety inspections, and post-construction energy conservation. This study, conducted three years post-enforcement, scrutinized the efficacy of the recently introduced building management plan. Findings unveiled that approximately 40% of plans were deemed unsatisfactory, necessitating thorough review. Key contributors to this low fidelity encompassed the absence of system establishment, fostering a limited understanding between builders and officials. Furthermore, issues such as the system's unclear establishment points and the submission of handwritten, non-digitized PDF documents posed substantial hurdles for verification and future utility. To rectify these challenges, proposed solutions include educating authors and government officials, implementing an active follow-up system, and enhancing the system. This study marks the inaugural investigation into the status of building management plans under the Building Management Act, aiming to pinpoint problems and propose effective improvement strategies. The aspiration is that these measures will foster the development and robust establishment of an efficient system.