Title Exploring the Impact of AI-based Prompt Design Method on Architectural Design Process and Designers’ Role
Authors 창쩌위안(Chang, Ze-Yuan) ; 한정원(Han, Jeong-won)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2024.40.5.41
Page pp.41-52
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords AI-based Design; Prompt Design Method; Architectural Design Process; Designers’ Role
Abstract This study explores AI-based prompt design methods and their impact on architectural design process and designers, examining how these approaches alter traditional design processes and redefine architects' roles. By synthesizing the insights of six design practitioners, this study contrasts prompt design with conventional methods, exploring their practical applications and potential future directions. It also delves into the challenges and limitations posed by AI technologies in this evolving context. This study reveals that AI-based prompt design represents a new design paradigm, where prompted keywords play a central role in streamlining workflow, boosting creativity, and facilitating the translation of concepts into architectural schematics. This paradigm shift transforms architects from solitary designers into AI collaborators, necessitating a broader skill set in design literacy. Prompt design, driven by designer-suggested keywords or prompts, enables a more direct and precise process, allowing architects to clearly define their goals and scope. The evolving role of architects reflects this collaborative approach, with AI handling visualization tasks while designers focus on design decision-making. This shift underscores the ongoing relevance and expertise of architects, highlighting their new role as diversified engineering designers in a dynamic AI-driven environment.