Title A Study on The Characteristics of Parking Demand for Factory Facilities in Industrial Complex Considering Company Size and Manufacturing Industry
Authors 양승길(Yang, Seung-kil) ; 양승우(Yang, Seung-woo)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2024.40.5.65
Page pp.65-74
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Parking Law; Industrial Complex; Manufacturing industry; Standards for subsidiary parking facilities; Parking demand Unit
Abstract The study purpose to analyze parking demand characteristics based on industry type and company size by assessing parking availability within and outside factory facilities in industrial zones. Manufacturing industry averages 238.8㎡/car for parking space. Parking demand correlates with factory floor area, notably low for machine and electronics industries with less than 2,000㎡ and 2,000-3,000㎡ respectively. However, the metal industry with 5,000-10,000㎡ floor area shows a 118% increase in parking space per unit. Parking demand varies by company size, with larger floor areas leading to increased parking needs. Small-scale enterprises exhibit a 63% increase, small enterprises 69%, and medium-sized enterprises 75% increase compared to current standards, indicating differing parking demands across company sizes. For companies with less than 2,000㎡ floor areas across industries, parking space per unit is at 47% of the current standard. Electronics and chemical industries consistently show lower parking space per unit across company sizes. Conversely, small-scale enterprises in metal and machinery industries (3,000-5,000㎡) and small enterprises in the metal industry (5,000-10,000㎡) exceed current standards for parking space per unit. This analysis underscores the need for tailored parking solutions based on industry and company size within industrial complexes.