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Title Prospect of Automotive Lighting Systems of Self-Driving Vehicles
Authors Herie Park ; Hyensou Pak ; Chan-Su Lee
Page pp.1-8
ISSN 1225-1135
Keywords Autonomous Vehicle ; Self-Driving Vehicle ; Automotive Lighting System ; Traffic Environment
Abstract Light sources and lighting technology adapted to vehicles have been developed to assist drivers’ safety and to perceive other vehicles and pedestrians during the nighttime. As autonomous vehicles driven by data obtained from sensors are shown up, the role of the automotive lighting system should be reconsidered for the future traffic environment. This paper presents the future prospects of automotive lighting systems adapted to self-driving vehicles. It describes a current state of automotive lighting systems, and roles of the lighting systems suitable for self-driving vehicles. It also deals with the related topics of automotive lightings such as energy management, light pollution, security, and hybrid lighting systems for the road that combine with computer-and human-drivers during a transition period.