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Evaluation of the Precision of Color Coordinates using Average Color Distance

Duck Hee Lee

Laser Curing Method for the Improvement of Optical Characteristics of White LED

Wan-Ho Kim ; Yu-Seong Lee ; Jae-Pil Kim ; In-Seon Yeo

A Study on the Variations of S/P Ratios and CRIs by Simulating Spectral Combination of CCT-Tunable White and Single LED Spectra

Jong-Oh Kim ; Hyeong-Seob Jo ; Uh-Chan Ryu

Optical Characteristics of LEDs for Scalp Care with Effects of M. sympodialis Inhibition and HFDPC Activation

Min-Joong Moon ; Jie-Beom Lee ; In-Seon Yeo

Comparison Analysis of Electric Power Saving Effect for Indoor Smart LED Luminaire using Living lab Concept

Ki-Han Yu ; Ki-Tae Kwon ; Jeongduk Ryeom

Online Turn Fault Diagnosis Method for Permanent Magnet BLDC Motor using an Overlap Control Method and 2nd Order Low Pass RC Filter

Seon-Hwan Hwang ; Jin-Hyung Yoo ; Tae-Uk Jung

Analysis of the Magnetic Resonance Wireless Power Transmission System with Transformer for Improving the System Transmission Efficiency

Jong-Hong Hwang ; Chang-Jin Lee ; Kwang-Cheol Ko