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Study on CRI Improvement in CCT Tunable White Lights Composed of Warm and Cool White LEDs By Adding Red LED

Hyeong-Seob Jo ; Uh-Chan Ryu

Phase Error Analysis of Modified Conoscopic Holography

Soo-Gil Kim

Congestion Mitigation, Voltage Profile Improvement and Power Loss Minimization in Restructured Power System

Tahir KhurshaidTahir Khurshaid ; Chang-Hwan Kim ; Abdul WadoodAbdul Wadood ; Sang-Bong Rhee

Protection Coordination Using Superconducting Fault Current Limiters in Microgrids

Raza HaiderRaza Haider ; Muhammad Saeed Uz ZamanMuhammad Saeed Uz Zaman ; Syed Basit Ali BukhariSyed Basit Ali Bukhari ; Zahoor AhmedZahoor Ahmed ; Muhammad MehdiMuhammad Mehdi ; Yun-Sik Oh ; Chul-Hwan Kim

Development of State Estimator for Distribution Management Systems

Seong-Chul Kwon ; Byoung-Ho Kim ; Cheol-Min Chu ; Sang-Yun Yun

Frequency Profile Improvement of a Microgrid under Abnormal Conditions via a Demand Response Program

Muhammad Saeed uz ZamanMuhammad Saeed uz Zaman ; Raza HaiderRaza Haider ; Syed Basit Ali BukhariSyed Basit Ali Bukhari ; Yun-Sik Oh ; Min-Sung Kim ; Muhammad MehdiMuhammad Mehdi ; Chul-Hwan Kim

Distribution Side Load Monitoring, Control and Theft Detection

Kumail Hassan KharalKumail Hassan Kharal ; Chang-Hwan Kim ; Tahir KhurshaidTahir Khurshaid ; Sang-Bong Rhee

The Effects of Converter and DC line Outages on Load Flow Analysis of VSC-MTDC based Hybrid AC/DC Distribution System

Muhammad Omer KhanMuhammad Omer Khan ; Saeed ZamanSaeed Zaman ; Muhammad MehdiMuhammad Mehdi ; Chul-Ho Noh ; Gi-Hyeon Gwon ; Chul-Hwan Kim

Performance Verification of Distance Relaying and Modeling of Hydroelectric Generator Control System using PSCAD Software

Yu-Yeong Park ; Kyung-Min Lee ; Tae-Pung An ; Chul-Won Park

Short-Circuit Fault Protection of a Low Voltage DC Distribution System using Superimposed Current Components

Saeed Zaman JamaliSaeed Zaman Jamali ; Muhammad Omer KhanMuhammad Omer Khan ; Syed Basit Ali BukhariSyed Basit Ali Bukhari ; Muhammad MehdiMuhammad Mehdi ; Gi-Hyeon Gwon ; Chul-Ho Noh ; Chul-Hwan Kim