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Study on the Design and Lighting Luminaire Development for Berth Light of Ship Cabin based on the User's Behavior Patterns

Je-Moon Her ; Jong-Jae Jung ; Sung-Jae Lee ; Young Moon Yu

Development of the Hybrid Spatio-Temporal Solar Power Forecasting System based on Probability

Seungbeom Nam ; Jin Hur

Dual Battery Pack Charge/Discharge System for ESS using 3-Level NPC AC/DC PWM Converter

Young-Sang Ko ; Kyung-Min Kang ; Jin-Wook Kang ; Jung-Hyo Lee ; Chung-Yuen Won

The Magnetic Shield Effect of a Close-Ended Shield Can

Young-Hak Kim

An Improved Harmonic Compensation Method of Active Power Filter using Proportional-Resonance Model and Deadbeat Controller

Ho-Jung Kum ; Bum-Jun Kim ; Jin-Ho Cho ; Jong-Min Park ; Chung-Yuen Won

Current Limiting Characteristics of Transformer Type SFCL with Two Secondary Windings

Tae-Hee Han ; Sung-Hun Lim