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Study on the Design and Lighting Characteristics of 150W LED Flood Lighting with Non Sparking Explosion-proof

Jung-Kyu Yeo ; Jin-Sung Kim ; Young Moon Yu

The Study of Surge Immunity Characteristics of Connectors used in SPD for Communication and Signal Lines

Ki Woon Kwon ; Hai Young Jung ; Seok-Hyun Lee

Dynamic Characteristics of Ground Resistance due to Soil Ionization under Impulse Currents

Yong-Tae Choi ; Bok-Hee Lee

Control Method for Improving System Efficiency 3-phase Current-fed Dual Active Bridge Converter

Yong-Su Noh ; Byong Jo Hyon ; Joon Sung Park ; Jin-Hong Kim ; Jun-Hyuk Choi

A New Isolated Voltage Sensing Circuit using Analog Observation Method

Tuan-Vu Le ; Sang-Kil Lim ; Seong-Mi Park ; Sung-Jun Park ; Gwang-Heon Kim